Director Message
Thank you for taking the time to read our profile and learn about MTech Construction Sdn Bhd. As any civil engineer will know; the strength of the structure is in its foundation.  At first, MTech Construction Sdn Bhd  had been investing its time and resources in building its strength of structure i.e. Foundation.  Today, MTech Construction Sdn Bhd has come a long way making numerous remarkable contributions in the construction and renovation industry in Malaysia. We know that our customers have high expectations on us and we strive never to take our customers for granted. Over the years, we have enjoyed an outstanding amount of repeat business from our clients as we endeavor to make them customers for life.  
The company is known for quality of job execution with the help of dedicated work force supported by the Company’s Policy to retain the best talent. We set ourselves apart from every other construction company simply by our strong philosophy and our work culture. We are our own competition and through every project, we set new standards.
Strategic planning, attention to detail, stringent and careful rules on safety, employee satisfaction and the aspiration to grow into a giant is what has made MTech Construction Sdn Bhd grow steadily over the years. Our success boils down to the extraordinary people, the latest equipment and an outstanding leadership team fusing together.
In coming years, we plan to explore and expand our potential by, contributing to the glorious infrastructure development of the nation.  We at MTech Construction Sdn Bhd stand for unprecedented growth and extraordinary commitment to making a better tomorrow.

Best Regards,

Chief Executive Officer.


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